Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa is available for select few countries to young people, aged 18-35 to enable them to travel, work, and enter multiple times in New Zealand for up to 12 months or 23 months if you are from Canada, and 36 months if you are from the UK. You must come with a bona fide intention to holiday in New Zealand with work or study as a secondary intention.

You must also have enough money to pay for your return ticket.


If you have an offer of religious work in New Zealand from an acceptable religious organization, you may be eligible to apply for a Religious Worker Work Visa. You must be sponsored by a religious organization and have at least two years of religious training and/or work experience. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide amenities necessary for the visa holder’s health and welfare, such as food, clothing, health insurance, and suitable accommodation to stay. The visa is granted for 2 years but you can apply for a subsequent religious worker visa or a residence visa after 3 years of consecutive work in your field.


The work you’ve been offered must be substantially in one or more of the following religious


  • teaching religious scripture or philosophy
  • leading religious ceremonies, worship, or prayer
  • ordaining new religious leaders, initiating new members into your religious community, carrying out religious ceremonies
  • providing spiritual guidance and care.

If the work you’ve been offered is paid salary or wages, you must provide a copy of an employment agreement.

If the work you’ve been offered is paid by any means other than salary or wages or is unpaid, then you must provide a description of that work.

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