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What Our Client Say About Us

We are proud of the work we have done and continue to do for our clients. We have worked with a wide range of clients globally, providing them with proven legal immigration solutions to individuals and businesses. We have built long-term relationships with our clients by offering our proven approach, expertise, and dedicated immigration service.

See what our clients have to say about our services and the team.

The most professional immigration lawyer/advisor I have ever seen. The office manager arranged the appointment in a very timely manner. Rahul, the lawyer made very clear suggestions and he is clearly a very detailed and honest person with valuable experiences in not only immigrations but also other areas in law. Would definitely recommend anyone who needs their services. I will also consult with him if needed in the future.

Vincent Lu, Operations Manager

My case was handled by Mr. Rahul Sharma and in the 7 days I was given, he went over every issue pointed out by INZ and prepared a very detailed response for my PPI letter, and received my Student Visa 2 days after we submitted my application, Approaching Sharma Law gave me a sense of relief as I had no idea how I was supposed to respond to the PPI, I highly recommend Sharma Law to anyone struggling or needing immigration advice.

Thank You,

Shashank Mylarapu, Student University of Waikato

Thanks, heaps for supporting me in the processing of my work visa and visa approval. I can’t thank you enough for rendering such an exceptional client service with notable professionalism which I am completely satisfied with. Hence I am extremely delighted to recommend you to others who seek better immigration advice and other related services, especially to those who have a tough time searching for a good immigration lawyer. Your perseverance and diligence in promptly handling any cases have led to a rapid increase in successful client numbers. Thank you again for helping me in creating a better future for me and my family.

Arun Udhaya Bhanu, Sales and Marketing Manager

We applied for a New Zealand Resident Visa under the partnership category through Sharma Law. We received the Resident Visa in November 2020. From day one to the end we have received exceptional service from the staff members with clear communication and dedicated service. Sharma Law had a specific plan for the application which helped us to understand the procedure to achieve the resident Visa. It was a pleasure to work with Sharma law.

ThiliniDasanayake, Designer

One of my friends referred me to sharma law when my previous immigration advisor mismanaged my case. If you Want genuine work then sharma is the best.
Residence approved
Thank you sharma law & team.

Sheik Ahmed, Owner Operator

Highly recommended.Rahul is an amazing lawyer best lawyer for immigration matters. He handled my case very efficiently. When I first visited sharma law I was concerned but Rahul, Rashmi, and the rest of the team eased my mind about the whole process. Great immigration services, great customer services, very professional any time you need them they are always available to help you.
Thank you Sharma Law and Team



I highly recommend Sharma Law to anyone seeking support with immigration matters. The team at Sharma law has been exceptional and went above and beyond to provide us with a high-quality level of service. Very reliable, and trustworthy. We are very grateful for the work of Rahul, Rashmi, and the team and would use Sharma Law again if required.

Prag Bharwal, Business Owner

Very satisfied. Great working efforts and time have been given to get a positive result. I am confident that Sharma Law is the best in New Zealand who can solve the most difficult cases with ease due to their experience and knowledge. Thanks to your neat & tidy paperwork, Personal attention & follow-ups. If you have any visa queries or issues Sharma law is the best place for advice in New Zealand. The only thing I can say about them is they can get A++ from me. Thanks a lot for all your hard work in my case.

Kanika Upadhyay - Student – Post Graduatein Applied Science, Lincoln University

The Best quality and very professional service, I am extremely satisfied with the journey with Sharma Law and will highly recommend the service Rahul’s Approach towards each application was brilliant and his strategies were extraordinary, all my applications have become successful, now I am a resident of this beautiful New Zealand, Thanks a lot to The Team @Sharma Law

Pradeepkumar, Manager at Naturally Healthy

Rashmi was prompt and helpful. When one has a question the turnaround period is of utmost importance. This was handled well. And Rahul’s genius brews like expensive mountain coffee (wink wink) It’s all worth it. It was a long emotional journey but a positive attitude and clear guidance as to what is needed and not makes a world of difference! They just worked together with us on everything small or big and here we are. Was a good run!

Mr. Nelakuditi, Business Manager

Excellent and perfect Very perfect with single details of paperwork. Rahul and all the team members heard every problem very carefully and helped me to solve them. I loved the paperwork. It was so neat and so perfect that I got my visa in 4 days. I was in contact with these guys for 2 years and changed my profile 3 times. But all the time they have studied my profile and helped me in every way possible.

Nirmit Prajapati, Machine Operator

Highly recommended. Rahul is an amazing lawyer best lawyer for immigration matters. He handled my case very efficiently. When I first visited sharma law I was concerned but Rahul, Rashmi, and the rest of the team eased my mind about the whole process. Great immigration services, great customer services, very professional any time you need them they are always available to help you. Thank you Sharma Law and Team

Sameera Amoodi, Business Development Manager

Feeling of contentment, Sharma law proves, protects, provides the clients with an outstanding service that reveals the satisfactory outcome. Their performance speaks in matters of their potential in their work, as their work performs wonders in our journey from the beginning( work visas) till the conclusion ( residency approved). Rahul Sharma Sir relies on imparting qualitative and quantitative work. His work possessions based on extreme patience and true knowledge. Moreover, his highly qualified team honestly execute the file with full zeal and dignity. We believe Sharma law is a very responsive, extremely recommended team of intelligence, updated with all the immigration laws and policies, regular in contacting clients follow up.

Suman Rajput, Beauty Store Manger

Sharma Law is one of the best immigration Lawyers in New Zealand, I highly recommend Sharma Law and its whole team because of its service and wonderful support. There were many changes during the preparation of my application and they guided me all through INZ new process.
Overall it was a wonderful journey with this company and will be with you in the future.

Dilkumari Sapkota,Thai Restaurant Manager

I came to Sharma Law with a difficult application. Rahul and his team helped us so much I and my family can't thank Rahul and his team enough for all the help and exceptional service. Will keep using their services.

Anna Liza Gerber

They know the right way to get the job done. Thanks

Akhil Ojha, Sales and Marketing Manager

Sharma law always very accessible, responsive, and reliable, and was an extremely knowledgeable resource on timelines, procedures, current immigration laws, and what to expect from the process from start to finish.

Nilesh Patel, Store Manager

The experience was very good because they full filled my goal.I am very happy with their service.

Baljeet Singh, Graduate

Respect and Professionalism, Thank you, Rahul & Team

Hanny Morsy, Student

Would highly recommend Sharma law, their level of expertise, attention to detail, and service is 10/10...!

Harikesh, Business Development Manager

Great work done so far, I hearty give you big thank you to them for their good service. They were very helpful. Thanks.

Yash Joshi

Fantastic company to go with! Highly recommend it if you are in need of a good immigration lawyer, they work hard, go above and beyond. They are efficient, great at communicating with you.

Vignesh, Planning Manager

Thanks, heaps ! We really appreciate your help and all your efforts in my husband's visa application. I will certainly recommend you to others who seek immigration advice or related service.


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