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Why choose New Zealand:

The impact of COVID-19, a pandemic that has affected the whole world, is devasting and disturbing for all countries around the globe. The pandemic has affected millions of people. However very few countries were able to return to their normal living and fortunately this includes New Zealand.

New Zealand has been highly praised for successfully addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 and essentially almost eradicating it from the country. Although we remain at Alert Level 1, life is fairly normal. With cases generally coming from those in MIQ facilities, we can eat out, shop, go to beaches, visit family, attend concerts, have gatherings, work, travel and holiday within New Zealand.

New Zealand ranks high globally in many areas including public health, income and wealth, quality of natural environment, personal security, civic engagement, housing, subjective well-being, education and skills, jobs and earnings, access to justice, low crime rate and corruption and healthy social connection.

  • Auckland ranked 1st in the world’s most liveable cities on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index 2021 out of 140 countries around the world and Wellington ranked 4th
  • Henley Passport Index placed the New Zealand Passport as the 7th most powerful passport in 2021
  • Despite the pandemic, New Zealand is ranked 9th out of 149 countries for happiest countries in 2021
  • Ranked 7th for Best Countries Overall Ranking 2021
  • Ranked 7th as one of the most prosperous countries in the world – Legatum Global Prosperity Index, 2020
  • New Zealand ‘Greatest Country on Earth’ for the seventh year – Telegraph Travel Awards, UK 2019
  • New Zealand has been declared the freest country as per the Human Freedom Index, 2019
  • Ranked 7th (2016) of the 34 OECD countries based on statistics and perceptions of quality of life – Better Life Index
  • 9th easiest paying tax country
  • Ranked 22nd out of 149 countries – The Good Country Index
  • New Zealand contributes significantly to International Peace & Security through Peacekeeping troops – Ranked 12th out of 149 countries under International Peace and Security global contribution
  • New Zealand makes a significant contribution to Science & Technology through International students – Ranked 21st out of 149 countries under Science and Technology global contribution

Important Facts

  • World Health Organization has highly rated New Zealand for successfully managing the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Police do not carry guns in New Zealand
  • Tough employment laws, safeguarding the interest of migrant employees
  • New Zealand is swift in updating laws, policies and regulations to meet the need of its society. As soon as there was a terror attack on New Zealand in 2019, the gun laws were changed

Life in New Zealand

New Zealand is made up of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island. Our weather is a little unpredictable, you can see different seasons in one day.

  • New Zealand has astonishing scenic beauty
  • High-quality of education
  • High-quality of health care services
  • Free health care facility for most of the people
  • Has got the perfect work-life balance
  • Migrant friendly country

If you are interested in coming to New Zealand to visit, work, study or do business, there are several options for you. Options include visitor visa, work visa, student visa and business visa. You can also bring your family along with you.

Each option has different criteria, and one may suit you better than the rest.

If you decide to stay back and make New Zealand your home you may be eligible to apply for a residence visa and subsequently New Zealand Citizenship.

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