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Migrant Exploitation Visa

On 01 July 2021, Immigration New Zealand introduced a new stream of visas with an objective to support the migrant workers who hold an employer-assisted visa to leave their exploitative workplace as soon as possible.

Immigration New Zealand wishes to encourage migrants to report the exploitation so as to maintain the integrity of New Zealand’s immigration system.

To avail the migrant exploitation visa you must show that:

  • You are present in New Zealand
  • You held an employer-assisted visa as a condition on the visa
  • Met health and character requirements
  • Have made a report of exploitation with the Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE) and the MBIE has assessed it is credibility that exploitation may have occurred

Your application must be lodged within one month of the date that you receive the Report of Exploitation Assessment Letter from MBIE.

On assessing the application the Immigration Officer may grant you a visa for the shorter of:

  • Six months or
  • The duration remaining on your current visa

The new visa will be with open work conditions.

If you are granted a visa under this category, you will not be eligible for another visa on the basis of the same report.

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