Rajan Munisami

Marketing Consultant


Master of Business Management, Administration and Operations

Bachelor of Engineering

Certification in Human Resource and Recruitment

It is important to have a director who is fully committed to the success of the business and improving business practices. Practicing as a Barrister & Solicitor and being a member of the New Zealand Law Society for over 15 years, sole practice for 10 years, and in directorship for more than 5 years, I take pride in the skills I have acquired in the New Zealand legal world and practice management, including the organization, delegation skills, and a positive attitude.

I understand the stressful environment that can arise in matters pertinent to immigration, so I use careful tact and professionalism to maintain relationships with Immigration New Zealand and clients.

With attention to detail while maintaining a positive attitude, coupled with perseverance in handling an immigration case, I have been able to help clients achieve their respective immigration goals with a success rate of nearly 99%.

At Sharma Law, we strongly believe:

“Your Success is our Success”