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Founded by New Zealand immigration lawyer Rahul Sharma, Sharma Law is a key resource for all your New Zealand immigration needs.

Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and consultants work to provide the best, most efficient visa services available. Providing affordable legal consultations that can help you understand your options so you can make well-informed decisions based on an analysis of your situation and credentials.

If you are in New Zealand or intending to relocate to New Zealand, our practice has the expertise to assist you. You may wish to migrate and settle, or you may be looking to invest or study in New Zealand.

At Sharma Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality immigration services.

Temporary Visas

Residence Visas

Employer Accreditation

Immigration New Zealand has provided an option for employers to become accredited.

This means that the process for employers to hire skilled migrants to carry out work in New Zealand becomes easier, as they have met the specific requirements set by Immigration New Zealand to prove that business or organization is of a high standard.

One of the requirements in becoming an accredited employer is that they must prove that their business or organization is sustainable and that the employer has a real and genuine need to hire skilled migrants to carry out the work. Find out more here.

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