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Business Visa Categories

New Zealand is a great place to seek out business ventures and create opportunities for businesses.  It is important to know that when applying for a visa such as this the applicant must have objectives that are purely business-related.  These objectives include contributing to New Zealand’s economic growth, increasing the level of human capital, encouraging enterprise and innovation and creating external links that benefit New Zealand’s economy.

Under a business visa, several paths can lead to residence under the Immigration New Zealand instructions.  Such pathways include:

  • Entrepreneur Residence Category
  • Employees of Relocating Category
  • Migrant Investment Category
  • Investor 1 Category
  • Investor 2 Category
  • Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa

Like all visas for New Zealand, the applicant is required to meet the generic provisions relating to their English language ability, being a fit and proper person and being of good health and good character.

Employees of Relocation Category

When applying for this visa the applicant must demonstrate that as an employee, they are important to the business that is relocating to New Zealand and also that the business that is wishing to relocate to New Zealand is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.  It is key to note as well that the relocating business must comply with New Zealand employment and immigration laws.   

Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa

The aim of this visa is to bring innovative and talented entrepreneurs and inventors to New Zealand, whilst also facilitating them to create and operate innovation-based projects and ventures in New Zealand. 

To gain New Zealand residency through this visa the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have held a Global Impact work visa for at least 30 months
  • Have complied fully with the conditions of their visa
  • Hold confirmation from their company or business they are working showing that the applicant will be supported by that company or business during their stay in New Zealand under this visa
  • Meet all the required health and character requirements under Immigration New Zealand instructions
  • Be a fit and proper person
  • Have at no point after being granted their visa, apply or be granted welfare assistance under the Social Security Act 1964

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    Investor Visa 

    Investor business migration visas allow investors to gain residence in New Zealand.

    There are two categories:

    • Investor 1 (minimum investment NZ$10 million for at least three yaears).
    • Investor 2 (minimum investment NZ$3 million for at least four years).


    Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1):

    You can live, work and study in New Zealand, and include your partner and dependent children aged 24 and under.



    • You must keep NZD $10 million invested in an acceptable investment in NZ for three years.
    • You must spend 44 days in each of the last two years of your three-year investment period in NZ or 88 days at any time over the three year investment period if you have invested a minimum of NZ$2.5 million in growth industries.
    • Good health and good character requirements.


    Investor Visa (Investor 2):

    You can live, work and study in New Zealand, and include your partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under in your visa application.


    INZ uses a points-base system to assess eligibility. 



    • Three million NZD invested for four years.
    • 146 days in NZ per year OR 438 days at any time over the four year investment period depending on the make-up of your investment.
    • Minimum three years business experience.
    • English language requirements apply.
    • Any partner or dependent children aged 16 and over who are included in an Investor 2 Category application must meet a minimum standard of English or pre-purchase ESOL tuition
    • Maximum applicant age is 65 years.

    Investment funds

    You can nominate a mix of funds and/or assets to invest. They must be equivalent to at least NZ$3 million for Investor 2 or NZ$10 million for Investor Plus, although you may nominate more.

    You will need to provide evidence showing that your investment and/or assets are owned by you or jointly by you and your partner and/or dependent children if they are included in the application.

    You will also need to provide evidence showing that your intended investment funds:

    • are unencumbered, i.e. not subject to any mortgage, lien, charge and/or encumbrance (whether equitable or otherwise) or any other creditor claims
    • have been earned or acquired legally
    • are transferable through the banking system or through a foreign exchange company that uses the banking system (Immigration New Zealand will not be able to approve your application if you are unable to transfer funds to New Zealand through the banking system).


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