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Student Visas

New Zealand has become a growing destination for international students to study and gain further qualifications. Under the student visa category, it incorporates school students (aged 5 to 18), tertiary studies, and those studying in English language schools and domestics students.

School Students

New Zealand offers the opportunity for students from overseas to attend school in New Zealand from Primary school through to Intermediate and up to Secondary or High School. Certain schools in New Zealand are accredited by the Minister of Education and certain requirements need to be met if you are seeking to peruse this option.

Tertiary Studies

When applying to study at a tertiary institute in New Zealand the candidate must meet a set of strict requirements such:

  • Having a valid offer of enrolment for full-time study for an approved program from a New Zealand education provider
  • Be exempted from or have paid international student tuition fees
  • If under the age of 18 years have accommodation arrangements that meet the satisfactory standards of Immigration New Zealand

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It is important to note as well that when applying for a student visa to study at a tertiary level in New Zealand, the person applying must bona fide and have the intention of being a genuine student in New Zealand and not pursue alternative motives.

An added benefit of being granted a student visa for tertiary study in New Zealand is that depending on the visa conditions you may be eligible to work up to 20 hours a week during the course of your full-time study. This visa also allows for up to 40 hours a week of work during scheduled tertiary holidays and breaks.

Once you have successfully completed your tertiary study in New Zealand and gained a qualification for an approved program from a New Zealand education provider, you could then be eligible to apply for a Post Study Work visa which will give you the opportunity to work in New Zealand for any employer for a period of up to 3 years depending on the level of qualification you achieved.

Domestic Students

Individuals who hold temporary class essential skill work visas for New Zealand and who have dependent children aged 5 to 18 can apply for student visas for the child to attend Primary, Intermediate or Secondary school in New Zealand. To be eligible to apply for this visa the essential skill work visa holder must meet minimum the specified gross annual income stated by Immigration New Zealand.

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